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 #deb http://​​debian/​ buster-updates main  #deb http://​​debian/​ buster-updates main 
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +On the other releases, however, the Texmacs package can be installed using Synaptic without problems or workarounds.
 +===== OpenSnitch desktop firewall =====
 +{{ :​opensnitch.jpg |}}
 +We have included in the postinstall a desktop firewall called opensnitch including an interface in English and Italian languages. If you want install it, You may go on security category and select "​desktop-firewall-en"​ or "​desktop-firewall-it"​ and procede to install it.
 +If the application does not satisfy you, You can remove it together with the related "​desktop-firewall-en"​ or "​desktop-firewall-it"​ package. ​
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