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-**UFFICIO ZERO LINUX codename TROPEA** +====== ​UFFICIO ZERO LINUX codename TROPEA ​====== ​
 {{ :slide4.jpg |}} {{ :slide4.jpg |}}
 +When required, please use //​evolution//​ password to install Tropea 3.0 on your hard disk.
 +We have inserted:
 +  - Aruba Sign installer in main menu
 +  - DWService for remote assistance in main menu
 +  - Ufficio Zero post-install in main menu
 +  - Jitsi Meet in secondary hidden menu, that can be activated by clicking central mouse button
 +Please update apt cache, before launch Ufficio Zero post-install.
 +If you want to watch Tropea installation video you can visit [[https://​​@ufficiozero:​f/​Ufficio-Zero-Linux-Tropea-3.0---installazione-e-prima-configurazione:​3|this on LBRY.TV]]
 +===== D-Link nas and others don't connect/​work =====
 +If you have a D-link nas or others and you can't connect it, the problem may dependes from new samba package and it configuration.
 +You can solve this problem by editing the smb.conf file with this command:
 +<​code>​sudo nano /​etc/​samba/​smb.conf</​code>​
 +and adding the following string with its comment:
 +#This is the configuration for D-Link nas
 +client min protocol = NT1
 +after this, You can reload samba service or restart your system.
 +===== How to upgrade Eggs =====
 +  - Before upgrading your system you must open your terminal and purge the old eggs version applying this command: <​code>​sudo apt purge eggs</​code>​
 +  - Then you can upgrade yur system and install the new eggs version (7.7.18_1) and our automateeggs package with this command in terminal: <​code>​sudo apt install eggs automaticeggs</​code>​ or with Synaptic.
 +===== How to upgrade from Tropea 3.0 to Tropea 3.1 =====
 +First of all, you must upgrade Eggs following the previous step and then you can open Synaptic entering your password and select and install the package called "​upgradeufficiozero"​. This package create a shortcut on your main menu under System Tools called "​Upgrade UfficioZero"​. You can click on it and insert sudo password when required to upgrade Linux Mint repository from Ulyana to Ulyssa version.
 +Otherwise you can open a terminal and execute this command <​code>​sudo apt install upgradeufficiozero</​code>​ and then run our UfficioZero Upgrade utility present in System Tools menu.
 +We have posted a video showing these operations at [[https://​​@ufficiozero:​f/​come-aggiornare-Tropea-3.0-a-Tropea-3.1:​0|this link]] on our [[https://​​@ufficiozero:​f| channel]].
 +===== How to upgrade from Tropea 3.1 to Tropea 3.2 =====
 +Please see [[https://​​index.php?​alias=tropea_3-2_upgrade|this article]].
 +===== How to add others UfficioZero repositories =====
 +We have released new package that add many other repositories located everywhere, due to bandwith limit on our servers.
 +To use Garr mirror (located in Italy) by default, you can select the replace button when asked, during the system update.
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