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When required, please use evolution password to install Tropea 3.0 on your hard disk. We have inserted:

  1. Aruba Sign installer in main menu
  2. DWService for remote assistance in main menu
  3. Ufficio Zero post-install in main menu
  4. Jitsi Meet in secondary hidden menu, that can be activated by clicking central mouse button

Please update apt cache, before launch Ufficio Zero post-install.

If you want to watch Tropea installation video you can visit this on LBRY.TV

If you have a D-link nas or others and you can't connect it, the problem may dependes from new samba package and it configuration. You can solve this problem by editing the smb.conf file with this command:

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

and adding the following string with its comment:

#This is the configuration for D-Link nas
client min protocol = NT1

after this, You can reload samba service or restart your system.

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