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Duplica Bare Metal Restore Solution

This live system allows you to:

  • backup and restore your image partitions with Duplica (a Rescuezilla fork)
  • scan files on your hard drive for viruses with Clamav & ClamTk
  • modify the partitions of your hard disk with GParted
  • restore deleted files with File Recovery & Foremost
  • restore deleted images with Photograph Deep Scan
  • change administrator ed users passwords with Rescapp
  • restore access to your Operating System (Win, Linux, MacOS) with Boot Repair
  • carry out forensic analysis with Autopsy

all from one place.

to run Autopsy

you will have to disable javascript on firefox as it uses its version.

How to Turn Off JavaScript in Firefox

  1. Enter about:config into the URL bar in Firefox
  2. Select the blue Accept the Risk and Continue button.
  3. Enter javascript. enabled into the search box at the top of the page. …
  4. Select the toggle to the right of javascript. …
  5. JavaScript is now disabled in your Firefox browser.
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