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Ufficio Zero version 2.x codename "Mantova"

This page is related to our rolling release version based on PCLinuxOS, that uses apt with rpm packages and synaptic.

credentials for live use

If asked please use for both username and password “ufficiozero”, if you want to try our live before install it.

change language to Italian

If you are Italian and want to install and use Mantova, you should know that the first step related to installation is common for all, so you can select your timezone, keyboard layout and other setting. After you're logged in your installed desktop you can move through the menu items to find addlocale, then the system opens Synaptic package manager with and helpful guide so you can go to repository Synaptic menu and deselect the second local repository, then you may select in this order —→ reload —–> mark for —–> apply and the system dowsnload and install many packages. If your language is not Italian yet, don't worry, launch addlocale again and then select your Italian laguage and wait for the system to do it alone, you may need to wait a few minutes and reboot the system when prompted. After a reboot, the system could be partially in Italian so you can install other packages with Synaptic package manager so you can find, select and install these packages: locales-it, glibc-i18ndata, kde-i18n-it and reboot your pc.

change LibreOffice Italian menu language

If use LibreOffice and your menu language is not set to Italian, please close LibreOffice and launch lomanager or choose the item libreoffice manager that you can find in start menu, to select Italian languages.

change Firefox Italian language

If Mozilla Firefox menu language is not set to Italian, you can change this in Firefox preferences item menu.

Installation Video

This is our Ufficio Zero Mantova installation video (for Italian users) but these steps can be made also for other languages installation.

That's all.

How to upgrade from Mantova 2.0.1 to Mantova 2.0.3

  1. go inside Downloads folder and with the right mouse click select to install it with RPM-installer
  2. confirm the installation by inserting the root password and proceed with the installation
  3. open a terminal and type this command
    su -

    then enter your root password

  4. now type this command
    apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y

  5. after a system update you must open Synaptic and select these two packages to install: ufficiozero-release and ufficiozero-patches-dummy
  6. now you can reboot your system and open Ufficio Zero Control Center
  7. then click on Users and Groups and select “ufficiozero” user and remove it with its own home folder

That's all. This video shows how to upgrade your system from Mantova 2.0.1 to Mantova 2.0.3

Mantova 2.0.3 and update-icon-notifier

Our latest version comes with our remote repository. We have deployed ufficiozero-patches-dummy package that remove simple-update and install update-icon-notifier. So if you want to receive this patch you can run Synaptic, reload, mark updates and apply them. Update-icon-notifier advice you when some packages may be updated, but you must run Synaptic to update your system.

PS. the package called ufficiozero-patches-dummy install also blueman to use bluetooth, so if you have any error refered to download folder you can run dconf and go in org/blueman/transfer, open transfer and select your prefered path

How to add others UfficioZero repositories

We have released new package that add many other repositories located everywhere, due to bandwith limit on our servers.

To use Garr mirror (located in Italy) by default, you can select the replace button when asked, during the system update.

End Of Life

To offer a better service to users who are using the Mantova 2.0.x version we have decided to release some updates to make the switch to the latest version of Bergamo available. By carrying out the proposed updates you will gradually pass to the latest Bergamo version. These updates will impact the graphics related to the new wallpaper, grub and splashscreen without removing software installed by users. The end of support for the Mantova 2.0.3 version is set for December 31, 2021. Users who do not want to make the switch to the latest Bergamo version can deselect the update of the package proposed apt-sources-list through synaptic and continue to benefit only from the support of the packages released by the PCLinuxOS team, but we strongly recommend carrying out the various updates to have a rolling release always updated with our packages.

In alternative We offer the extension of support for another 6 months but the procedure to do is this:

  • open Synaptic and remove the package called gfxboot-theme-pclinuxos
  • in Synaptic search and install the package called gfxboot-theme-ufficiozero
  • upgrade your system with proposed updates

otherwise the system will no longer have the tool “configure your pc” working.

Kernel installation and dkms driver build change

Today's updates will include a change in the way synaptic installs kernels in the main software section for PCLinuxOS (Bergamo/Mantova versions). If there are any additional kernel drivers such as the nvidia driver or the broadcom driver that needs to be built then it will do it during the synaptic kernel installation phase instead of building them on first boot of the new kernel. Please allow synaptic to complete the transaction. There may be a way to fork the kernel driver build process into a separate window so that synaptic does not appear to be hung up.

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