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 ====== Ufficio Zero version 2.x codename "​Mantova"​ ====== ====== Ufficio Zero version 2.x codename "​Mantova"​ ======
 +This page is related to our rolling release version based on PCLinuxOS, that uses apt with rpm packages and synaptic.
 +===== credentials for live use =====
 +If asked please use for both username and password "​ufficiozero",​ if you want to try our live before install it.
 +===== change language to Italian =====
 +If you are Italian and want to install and use Mantova, you should know that the first step related to installation is common for all, so you can select your timezone, keyboard layout and other setting.
 +After you're logged in your installed desktop you can move through the menu items to find //​addlocale//,​ then the system opens Synaptic package manager with and helpful guide so you can go to //​repository//​ Synaptic menu and deselect the second local repository, then you may select in this order ----> reload -----> mark for -----> apply and the system dowsnload and install many packages.
 +If your language is not Italian yet, don't worry, launch //​addlocale//​ again and then select your Italian laguage and wait for the system to do it alone, you may need to wait a few minutes and reboot the system when prompted.
 +After a reboot, the system could be partially in Italian so you can install other packages with Synaptic package manager so you can find, select and install these packages: locales-it, glibc-i18ndata,​ kde-i18n-it and reboot your pc.
 +===== change LibreOffice Italian menu language =====
 +If use LibreOffice and your menu language is not set to Italian, please close LibreOffice and launch //​lomanager//​ or choose the item //​libreoffice manager// that you can find in start menu, to select Italian languages.
 +===== change Firefox Italian language =====
 +If Mozilla Firefox menu language is not set to Italian, you can change this in Firefox //​preferences//​ item menu.
 +===== Installation Video =====
 +This is our Ufficio Zero Mantova [[https://​​@ufficiozero:​f/​installazione-Ufficiozero-Mantova:​a|installation video]] (for Italian users) but these steps can be made also for other languages installation.
 +That's all.
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