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Ufficio Zero version 2.x codename "Roma"

This page is related to our version based on Devuan, that uses apt with deb packages and synaptic.

How to install Ufficio Zero 2.x Roma

if you want to install the Roma version you can follow the various steps indicated in this video with Chromium/Chrome browser if Mozilla Firefox is not supported.

How to fix problem with wifi

Many solutions can be found on the official Devuan forum, however for broadcom cards the solution is visible here firmware b43 failed to load

How to fix wicd daemon dbus access denied on Roma 2.0.2

Devuan Beowulf and Ufficio Zero Roma 2.0.2 use wicd for connections by default. It is possible that on startup you will have an error like “Unable to contact wicd daemon dbus access denied”. This is because your user has not been added to netdev group. We also installed network-manager alongside wicd that gives the possibility to start wifi connections, both wpa and wpa2.

If you still prefer to use wicd, start a terminal and type the following commands:

sudo adduser youruser netdev

where youruser is your user chosen during system installation and then:

sudo /etc/init.d/dbus reload
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